The Knucklebone is an electronic dice roller engineered to bring an exciting new experience to your next board game or TTRPG.

Use the Knucklebone as an alternative to traditional dice with your crew at the local board game shop, at the dining table, or on the go! Or connect it to your PC to securely and randomly roll dice with your favorite VTT, messaging app, or chatroom.

Engineered and designed to bring the highest visual, tactile, and auditory experience by using reliable and proven favorites:
E-Ink display, CherryMX Keys, RGB LEDs, and USB-C.

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Everybody loves a unique set of dice. The Knucklebone provides you a convenient dice set for any in person occasion or any virtual occasion. Here is how it works.

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In Person Dice

Quickly select your desired set of dice using the two side buttons and the e-ink display. Then your ready to start rolling the dice. Roll the entire set or individually select which dice to roll. Hit the roll button, see the RGB LED light sparkle, and see your roll appear on the screen. The dice selection and roll process is intuitive, quick, and easy!

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Virtual Dice

Connect your Knucklebone to a PC using the USB-C port. Select if you want to enable "Knucklebone Verification". Select and roll the dice as usual. Your dice roll results will be input as text into any online chat room, virtual tabletop chat, or messaging app. Also a 'Knucklebone Verification' link can be sent along with your roll results so that your fellow gamers can confirm roll authenticity.

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Truly Random

However you use the Knucklebone, 'in person' or 'virtually', truly random dice rolls will be produced. A hardware random number generator chip built into to the Knucklebone's circuitry ensures a level of randomness that passes some of the industry's most stringent tests of randomness (Dieharder Test).

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An electronic dice roller to bring a new life to your next game! No need to pass around your phone or bring out the PC app when you don't want to use traditional dice! Use the Knucklebone!

Electronic Dice

A novel alternative to traditional dice! Great for a unique experience, ease of gameplay, accessibility, and enjoyment.

Direct Input to Chats

Hook up the device with a USB C cable to a PC. Easily input your dice rolls as text into any chatroom, messaging app, or VTT chat.

True Random Number Generation

A specific integrated circuit in the hardware generates 'truly random' numbers for the dice rolls. No algorithms are used, unlike many psuedo-random phone apps or PC apps. Tested against the Dieharder Test Suite.


No need to fumble with dice. Perfect for any gamer, young or old, that suffers with poor dexterity or eyesight!

Roll Authenticator Application

A website app allows your opponents to verify that your virtual Knucklebone roll is unaltered and authentic. An encrypted link can be sent with the roll data that will take them to the verification page for that unique roll!

Sensory Experience

High quality CherryMX keys are selected for tactile, audible, and visual feedback. A beeper, RGB LED, EInk display, and sweeping contours all make the Knucklebone an immersive experience.

E-Ink Display

Clear, crisp, easy on the eyes. EInk displays allow for zero energy usage in between rolls. This allows the device to appear 'always on' even when using no energy.

CherryMX Buttons

CherryMX Blue buttons are classic and reliable favorites. They give each roll a satisfying click. This could quickly become your next fidget toy if your not careful! Over 50 million actuations per CherryMX key!


Another classic visual favorite. The roll button is a transparent CherryMX key that will illuminate on each roll.

USB-C Connection

USB C is the latest connectivity technology that provides a familiar and robust connection to your PC for virtual dice roll inputs and authentication.

Extreme Battery Life

The Knucklebone appears to be 'always on' thanks to the EInk display. However it only uses power when a button is pressed! This means it remains unpowered for most of gameplay! There is no 'on/off' switch needed! This allows for over a year of gameplay on just a single pair of AAA batteries.

Intuitive and Quick Interface

Great care and design has gone into each screen design, symbol design, and the layout of the entire product. This device is intuitive and easy enough that anyone can use it. Give it to your grandparents or your younger cousins, all will enjoy!


Use the Knucklebone anywhere, anytime, or anyplace!

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In Person Knucklebone Experiences

Traditional dice will always have a spot on the game table! However, when you want to change the pace of the game or impress the crew with the latest dice tech, use the Knucklebone! The Knucklebone works as a standalone alternative to traditional dice. You'll have access to a full set of 7 dice or up to 5 six sided dice. Use the side buttons to select all of the dice or just an individual dice. Use the roll button to roll them!

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Virtual Knucklebone Experiences

Many VTTs already have dice emulators. However, these can be based on pseudo-random number generators or an algorithm you have no insight into. Your game can end up feeling tainted. The Knucklebone uses its 'true random number generator' to output your dice rolls over USB. The dice rolls can be input anywhere that text can be typed with a keyboard. Simply hit the roll button and the dice roll will be input into your specified text field.

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Roll Authenticator

Included with each roll output, over USB, is a unique link that allows your fellow gamers to verify that the roll you entered into the chat is authentic and unaltered. Engineered with a secure encryption scheme, you can bring the certainty of in person dice rolling to your virtual tabletops and chats! Simply click the link to confirm the roll is unaltered!


We’ve used the latest design techniques, manufacturing techniques, materials, and technologies to make the Knucklebone a great product.






Battery Life


We are a few brothers passionate about bringing a product to the market. As electrical engineers in the product design field, we have over a decade of combined design experience that we are utilizing to make this a successful Kickstarter and a high quality product ready for manufacturing!

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Chief Engineer and Innovator

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Chief Engineer and Innovator

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Chief Engineer and Innovator


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

AUG 2022

Initial Idea

SEPT 2022

First Prototypes

NOV 2022

Organization of Roadmap

JAN 2023

Product Development Launch

APR 2023

Form Factor Hardware and Firmware Complete

OCT 2023

Launch Kickstarter

JAN 2024

Begin Manufacturing

AUG 2024

Begin Product Shipments